Today is the day I start spring cleaning….and I am not talking the closets or pantry or any other part of the house. This fresh start is for me. You see I started the year with a rough kick off. Actually it was more like a kick out, by my computer. When you lose your connection to all the working parts of your life, especially at the end of the year, the plans for the start of the year tend to change. One day all was status quo, the next day it was gone. Lost in cyberspace. It felt like my grandmother’s China cabinet tipped over, with all the memorable pieces from a lifetime crashing to the floor. Some broken, some surviving the hit on the stone floor. And nothing to do about it but pick up , clean up, and rearrange what is left.  The computer hard drive meltdown felt just the same way. All the history gone. Not much to restore. Just about everything to start from the new first day.

So what do you do after such a traumatic New Year surprise?

You  just begin again. You pick up the pieces that are still there and you reboot and rebuild. Just like the computer did only two weeks later. Well, not the computer itself, but with the help of the tech support hero, the behind the hard drive facade was recovered. It took another six weeks to get back to where we were before. At least with the computer.

As for me-I am still not where I was at the end of the year. To be blunt, I now know humans take longer to restore, refresh, and reboot than machines. The complexity of the emotional, spiritual, and physical parts are much harder to rebuild in me than they were in my computer. I dragged alongside at an even slower pace, but spring has sprung and now I am ready to push through the drama trauma of the first months of 2017 and spring clean. Everything. My nutrition, my exercise routine, my systems, my sleep. And whatever else is off the rails so far this year.

I love this time of year and am thankful for the fragrant orange blossoms and the sweet warm smell of the mesquite tree flowers that reminded me of what lies ahead. A special time to begin anew. I know what to do, I just haven’t done it, yet. Sound familiar?

So let’s start the process together. It always goes better for everyone when the workload is shared. I will go first because I have a back to basics plan. And I want help from others because it makes me more accountable and patient as the process comes back online and the system starts working again.

The first step is to decide what comes first! How basic is that? For me it will be exercise. Just starting with physical movement for 30 minutes a day, every day. Not even all at once if that doesn’t fit the plan for the day. (In fact, you MUST check out my new 10 Minute Executive Workout- I have 10 minutes in my day to improve my overall health, and so do you, so no excuses.)  But my plan is to definitely commit 30 minutes to movement.

If you want to spring clean this year too, be in touch at because you know what happens afterwards. We will have a clean, fresh body, mind, and spirit to finish this year healthier and happier than we started. Because getting back to basics works. Until next time-

Get Healthy, Stay Wise, Be Well.  Dr. Anita E