Our Wellness Team

About Dr. Elliott

Dr. Anita Elliott is a graduate of the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine’s Health and Lifestyle Program founded by Dr. Andrew Weil in response to the need for a holistic approach to health care. A practicing dentist for the past 25 years, Dr. Elliott has shared her integrative practice philosophy with her peers, and patients. Dr. Elliott is passionate about helping patients understand and take ownership of their well-being, and healthcare.

Tara Allen and Lisa Dolce run the back-office side of SimpliWellness. They keep track of Lab cases, and make sure all the clinical records are up to date and in proper order for review by Dr. Elliott. They coordinate Essential Oils and Supplements, working with Nutritionists, Dietitians, Cosmetologists, and Estheticians on your behalf to keep you looking as good as you are going to feel. For just about 14 years, Tara has been Dr. Elliott’s right hand woman- literally because Dr. E is a lefty! She has a college freshman daughter who is following her lead into the health professions. Lucky for her 3 teenage sons, she loves to cook and has the creativity to make healthy delicious meals to keep them going, and growing strong. Lisa is the proud mom of an Air Force Academy Wrestler son, and a beautiful college grad daughter who is attending dental school. With her family’s Mediterranean heritage, Lisa has a great understanding of what it takes to live a healthy, long life.

Jamie Payne and J'aney Mesquita are true professionals and work with clients daily. These two gather records and interact with clients to achieve the best possible outcomes. Jamie has been with SimpliWellness for 22 years, and J'aney is the newest member of the team with 3 years of experience already. These two tell it like it is, so if you need some motivation (read: whipping into shape) you can count on these two to get you, and keep you, on track so you meet or exceed your goals. Jamie is married to a Captain at the fire department who asked for her hand in marriage right in our offices in front of the entire staff. It was quite a day. Together, they have 3 great kids. Jamie lives the healthy western wellness lifestyle by growing her own organic vegetables and raising chickens for fresh egg delivery everyday. We are so proud of the example she sets for her family. J'aney is the mother of two, and after relocating from Boston, she has been setting an example of healthy organic choices for her family, friends and clients for many years. Her husband works for the TSA. Word is he is an aspiring stand-up comedian, but we have not yet seen his material.