Corporate Wellness Plan

12 Month Custom Program

Whether your business has 5 employees, 50, 500 or 5000, a Corporate Wellness Program specifically designed for your business environment is essential. Insurance fees rise when employees neglect their health, and as any business owner knows, employee wellness affects company success and profitability. By helping employees to take an active role in their wellbeing, you can dramatically reduce health insurance costs, increase employee happiness and confidence, attract and retain top people, and increase employee performance. Wellness coaching improves energy levels, attitudes, motivation, and performance. These results will be tracked, and you will be able to quantify the results of the program.
We will work on site with your team, but the Corporate Wellness Program is much more! We will stimulate employee engagement by personal contact via electronic meetings, answer questions and track individual goals and results. Our goal is to improve at least one health risk factor for every participating employee. This program has proven results.
Employees become healthier, happier, and full of life again. Unlike other generic wellness companies, the SimpliWellness Corporate Wellness Program focuses on personal interaction with each participant in the program. The program is supervised by licensed health professionals, not just some mail order coach. It is a professional, personal touch that gets results. Our business clients stay with the program for years, and why the program has enjoyed such huge success.
Each program is custom designed for your intended result and budget. Let’s discuss your goals, and get on the road to wellness!